Discount Ninja version Winter update 1 will be released on Monday October 29 at 5PM Central European Time (CET).
No manual action is required for customers.


The admin UI of Discount Ninja will be unavailable for 15 to 30 minutes.
Promotions will not be active for 15 to 30 minutes. If you are driving traffic with paid ads you may want to avoid running those during this time.


The following improvements were made in this version:

  • New: enhanced wizard to create promotions
  • Improved navigation to make better use of the available screen real estate
  • Improved layout of the settings page to make it easier to discover available settings
  • Improved layout of the notification, sticky bar and pop-up designer settings
  • Improved support for currency conversion using Doubly

Resolved defects

The following defects were resolved in this version:

  • Free shipping promotions include a product tab which is not necessary
  • Switching "Offer > Frequency" from "Only once per device" to "On each visit" causes the offer to no longer be delivered on devices on which it had previously been seen.
  • PayPal and Amazon buttons are not hidden on the product page (with the correct setting switched on)
  • PayPal and Amazon buttons are not hidden if those buttons are injected dynamically by the theme or another app (with the correct setting switched on)

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