Editing your theme

Learn how to edit your theme files

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  • Edit your theme's liquid files at your own risk. 

  • Editing the theme requires some understanding of how HTML works and ideally also how liquid works.

Finding your theme

  • Click on "Online Store" in your Sales Channels in the Shopify admin.

  • Then click Themes.

  • In the section "Current theme" you'll find your live theme.

How to make a backup

  • Create a backup of your theme before you make any changes. 

  • In the "Actions" menu, select "Duplicate" to make a backup.

Edit your theme

  • You can now click "Edit code" to start editing your theme

  • Create a separate file and paste the content. Repeat for every file you plan to change. Better safe than sorry!

Restore a backup

  • In the list of backup themes, select the one you want to restore and select publish.

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