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Setting up Dynamic Pricing
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Set up Dynamic Pricing on a Drawer Cart
Set up Dynamic Pricing on a Drawer Cart

Learn how to make the necessary changes to your theme files to enable Dynamic Pricing on the cart

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Not sure how to edit your theme? Read this article first:

Finding the drawer cart

A drawer cart can typically be found in a file with the name drawer cart, ajax cart or mini cart in it.


The changes required for a drawer cart are almost identical to the ones documented for a normal cart here:

There are two differences:


There is one exception, on the root you'll need limoniapps-discountninja-drawercart-root instead of limoniapps-discountninja-cart-root.

Subtotal price

On the drawer cart the subtotal price must be marked. If the subtotal price is not marked the app does not successfully detect the drawer cart.


Note that you may need to find the JavaScript file that prepares the data for the template to find the name of the variable or create the variable.

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