If the app is not triggering promotions there are a few things to consider:

  • Have you made any changes to your promotions that could cause the promotion not to trigger? Check the scheduled start and end date as well as the filters and triggers you have configured.
  • Have you deployed a new theme? When you deploy a new theme that doesn't include Discount Ninja's assets, promotions will no longer trigger. To correct this follow the procedure outlined below to reinstall your assets.
  • Have you disabled the app? Check in the settings if the app is enabled.
  • Have you inadvertently removed the app's script from your theme.liquid? Open your theme (find out here how to do that) and check your theme.liquid. It should include this line (typically close to the </head> element):

Procedure to reinstall assets

When you install a new theme, you'll need to reinstall Discount Ninja's assets.
To do so, go to settings and click "Reinstall assets" from the advanced tab:

Note: you may also need to have Dynamic Pricing reconfigured when you install a new theme.

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