What is a tiered promotion?

A tiered promotion allows you to create promotions that aim to increase average order value. Customers are invited to buy more to save more.
Discount Ninja allows for up to three promotions.

How do I set it up?

Create a promotion and choose one of the "Spend x, Get y" promotion templates:

Set up your tiers

Define up to three tiers and configure what you want to offer (percentage, fixed fee or free shipping).

Sticky bar

Discount Ninja's sticky bar acts as a "sales motivator" when you choose this promotion template. You can set up fully configurable text to provide your visitors with an incentive to spend more. By default it has the following text:

So for a promotion that offers 20% off above €50 and 40% off above €100, the sticky bar initially shows (text fully configurable):

And when customers start adding items to cart:

How does Discount Ninja determine how much the customer is spending?

Discount Ninja calculates this based on the total cart value, including items that may not be in your promotions.

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