Choosing the correct countdown clock mode

Discount Ninja can handle two types of timers:

  • Counting down towards a specific date: if you're running a pre-Christmas promotion for example you may want the promotion to expire on December 24th. The timer would then indicate how much time is left until the 24th.
  • Give the customer x minutes to check out: you can also give each customer a number of minutes to use the promotion. If they don't use the promotion during that time the discount will no longer be applied.

Using the shortcode {{TIMER}}

Discount Ninja allows you to add a countdown clock to your pop-ups, sticky bars and notifications. When you type the shortcode {{TIMER}} in the text of any of those components it will be replaced by a countdown clock.


Is displayed as follows (second line only):

Where should I use the {{TIMER}} shortcode

The notification and sticky bar both have a "countdown clock footer". You can configure the content in the settings (notification) and the promotion (sticky bar).

The "countdown clock footer" of the notification is only displayed if at least one promotion with a countdown clock is active.

Enabling a countdown clock for your promotion

Each promotion can be configured to show a countdown clock or not.
Note that, if multiple promotions are active only one countdown clock will be displayed. 

Choose from the options (available on the "Countdown clock" tab of your promotions)  displayed below to define when the countdown is started:

Configure a format

You can choose which format to display the remaining time in.
You can also localize the labels.
Go to Settings > Countdown clock to find these options:

Real urgency?

The app allows you to create "real" urgency and a more flexible urgency model.

  • Flexible: each time the visitor comes back to your shop (in a new browser window), the timer will reset
  • Real: the app will start the timer only once, when it hits zero it won't reset.¬†

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