When to use this?

Getting new leads is always more expensive than selling to existing customers.
To increase CLTV (Customer LifeTime Value) you may want to implement a loyalty program. As part of that program you may want to provide a discount to your most loyal customers and that's where Discount Ninja comes in.

How does it work?

Discount Ninja detects when customers are logged in and understands if they are "tagged" or not. The app can then automatically add a discount to the cart of the customer.

How do I tag a customer?

In the Shopify admin, go to Customers. Open a customer account and use the "Tags" section to set a tag.

You can also tag multiple customers. Simply select the accounts and tag them:

How do I set this type of promotion up in Discount Ninja?

Create a new promotion and choose the following template:

On the Offer tab select the discount provided to the customer
On the Filters tab select which customers should get this discount (optionally choose one or more tags):

On the Building Blocks disable / enable the blocks required. Typically, you'll want to set up only the sticky bar and the notification, to inform customers about the discount they get, but you can add an optional pop-up as well.

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