Based on the feedback of the original Discount Ninja app the Discount Ninja has re-invented the app and created a "Version 2", from scratch.

Am I using version 1 or version 2?

Open the app and scroll down until you see the footer. It includes the version of the app. If the version starts with 1, you're using the original version one of the app.

Why migrate?

Version 2 is a completely new app that includes many new features, including the ability to run "spend x, get y" promotions and the ability to check out with multiple discount codes (stacking).

Version 2 also provides an improved script which loads faster. The increased performance and better support for mobile phones help to increase conversion rates.

More features are planned for release in 2019, including support for gathering email addresses and running "buy x, get y" promotions.


Discount Ninja's pricing is different for version two, allowing users to choose a plan that fits their needs. Here are the available plans:

How to migrate?

Here are the necessary steps:

Can you migrate my data / promotions?

No. Because promotions are set up in a different way in version 2 we do not migrate the promotions you had set up in version 1. You'll need to create those promotions again.

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