How to cancel your subscription

Learn how to cancel your subscription

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Cancel your subscription

You can unsubscribe from Discount Ninja at any time.
Go to the Settings of the app, and open the "Subscription" module.

Before you click the button, note that:

  • All assets of the app will be uninstalled; if you have modified your theme to include Discount Ninja assets in your liquid files, this may result in errors displayed on your live site. Remove those occurrences first.

  • You will not be able to recover your promotions after uninstalling.

Cancel plan

Click the "Cancel plan" button to uninstall the app and cancel your subscription.

Uninstall from the Apps module

The app can also be uninstalled from the apps module of your Shopify admin.
This will cancel your subscription, but uninstalling this way will not uninstall the assets of the app. To uninstall from the apps module, click the delete button next to the app and confirm you want to remove the app.

Can customers still use the promotions when I uninstall?

No. As soon as you cancel your subscription users can no longer check out with the promotions you built. 

I can still see the promotions after I uninstalled, why is that?

New visitors to your shop will not see any promotions.
Visitors who already had an open browser tab with active promotions will see the promotion until they close the tab.
However, they will not be able to check out with the discounts the promotion provides.

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