To set up a promotion that offers a discount on a range of products, except some that are not discounted follow these steps:

Select a promotion type

Create a new promotion and choose the "Discount some (but not all) products in a collection" template. This template is available for public and private promotions.

Configure the products to promote

Configure your promotion and pay specific attention to the Products tab:

  • Top section: select "all products" or "all products in selected collection(s)" to define which products should be discounted.¬†
  • Bottom section: select which collections of products should be excluded. If you want to exclude only one product, you'll need to first create a collection for it (see instructions below).

Types of collections

Shopify allows you to create new collections to bundle products into groups. This can be done:

  • Manually: you decide which product goes in which collection
  • Automated: you define rules and each product that matches those rules goes in the collection¬†

Discount Ninja can handle both types of collections.

Tips on building automated (exclusion) collections

Often it's a good idea to use automated (rule based) collections when you're grouping products into different collections for your promotions.

To create such a collection follow these steps:

  • Go to Products > Collections in your Shopify admin
  • Click "Create collection"
  • Configure your rules
  • Example: Create a collection with all products that have a tag "ExcludeFromSale"
  • In this example, you would add a product to the collection by simply adding a tag to the product:

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