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Set up Dynamic Pricing for product page banner
Set up Dynamic Pricing for product page banner

Learn how to display the product page comment using Dynamic Pricing

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This article applies to Discount Ninja version 3 and above

Online Store 2.0

Note that this building block can be added using an App Block if your theme supports Online Store 2.0. Use the instruction in this article instead to set this up.

Online Store 1.0

Find your product page template first. Not sure how to find or edit the file? Read this article first.

Add the markup

Add the following HTML markup where you want the comments to appear:

<div class="limoniapps-discountninja-promotioncard-productpage"></div>

Location in the file

Where you add this line in the file depends on your theme.
Typically you'll want this to appear below the price section or above the description section.

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