On some themes the sticky bar does not push down the content correctly.
When this happens you have two choices:

  • Select a different position

  • Push down content (modify your theme's header liquid to push the header content down)

Selecting a different position

Discount Ninja can display a sticky bar in three locations on your store:

  • Top (sticky or not)

  • Under menu

  • Bottom

By default the sticky bar is displayed on the top. This article explains how you change the position of the sticky bar.

Push down content

IMPORTANT: requires technical skills to edit HTML, contact us if you need assistance.

Find your header template first. Not sure how to find or edit the file? Read this article first.

In the header template, find the section that needs to be pushed down. This section will be different for every theme. 

On that section add the following class:


You can add this class to any number of sections, each of which will be pushed down.


If the div with id "mobileNavBar" must be pushed down, then:


If the header section must be pushed down, then:


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