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Why is there no "return to cart" link in the checkout?
Why is there no "return to cart" link in the checkout?

Learn the differences between a standard checkout and a checkout with Discount Ninja

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Limitations in Standard checkout mode

Due to limitations in the Shopify APIs, the discounted checkout prepared by Discount Ninja:

  • does not include a "return to cart" link, which is present on a standard checkout.

  • Additionally, the logo/brand name does not link to the home page.

This limitation applies to all situations where a discounted checkout is prepared by Discount Ninja using the Standard checkout mode.

What are my options?

Shopify Plus

If you are a Shopify Plus customer you can restore these links on an advanced checkout as follows:

  • Copy the content of the Discount Ninja checkout script here

  • Add the content to a script block before the end of the body (</body>) element:

    [... copy the content from step 1 here ...]
  • Depending on how you want to align your logo, make sure that you replace "logo--left" with "logo--center" or "logo--right" in the script

Use Discount Code checkout mode

Alternatively, you can use the discount code checkout mode, which uses the standard checkout screen and automatically adds a generated discount code.

This can be done from Settings > Checkout options

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