Multi-currency for Shopify

At the time of this writing (Q2 2021) Shopify supports a multi-currency checkout in specific regions for specific currencies when you use Shopify Pay (this was introduced in Q1 2019, read more details here:

Discount code mode

Due to an open issue in Shopify's API support for multi-currency the app cannot support multi-currency in "Standard mode". To support multi-currency, the app must be configured to use the "Discount code mode" checkout mode.

Read more about how to configure this here:

Open issue

We understand that multi-currency checkout is an important feature for many of our merchants. Discount Ninja has opened an issue with Shopify to correct this issue.

The app passes the required values (presentment currency) to the checkout to allow Shopify to create the checkout using the currency selected by the visitor. Unfortunately, there is a defect in Shopify's Checkout API that causes the checkout to ignore the presentment currency.

Shopify was notified of this issue on October 5th 2019.

Our latest tests (executed in Q2 2021) show the issue is yet to be resolved.

You can read about the issue or contribute to the debate here:

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