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Stacking Discount Ninja promotions and Shopify discount codes

Check out the two methods below if you want to combine Discount Ninja promotions with existing Shopify discount codes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Discount Ninja is not compatible with Shopify's native "Automatic discount rule". Please deactivate such rules before testing Discount Ninja as keeping them active may prevent the app from working (consistently). You can build out the same rules (and much more flexible and powerful rules) in Discount Ninja.

Stacking Shopify discount codes on top of Discount Ninja promotions can be achieved in two ways. Note that both methods are unavailable on the free plan.

Method 1: Using the sales channel companion app:

Note: the Discount Ninja Sales Channel settings were recently moved to Settings > Checkout options. You'll find the options in the "Stacking at checkout" tab.

Method 2: Using the promotion code field:

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