• Added support for Zapiet. This ensures the validation script of Zapiet is executed before Discount Ninja initiates a check out.

  • You can now control if the promotion summary as well as the promotion code field are displayed on desktop and/or mobile and on the cart and/or drawer cart.

  • A new Platinum plan was introduced for customers who need 1M+ sessions per month.

  • Auto upgrade option is now available for the Gold and Platinum plan.


  • Fix for an issue with incorrect links to products and collections in the sticky bar and notification building blocks.

  • Fix for an issue where the vanity link (shorter shareable link) was not always properly created.

  • Fix for an issue causing the admin to freeze when editing offers for gift with purchase offers that use a non-default variant.

  • Fix for a problem that occurs on Safari on mobile devices when navigating back from the checkout to the cart.

  • Fix for an issue when editing building blocks on promotions with multiple offers that causes incorrect menu options to be shown.


  • The "by promotion code" report has been enhanced to ensure it includes both Shopify discount codes and Discount Ninja promotion codes.

  • Improvements in the performance of the script resulting in a smoother experience with less lag on most themes.

  • Stability improvements in the script to handle defects that occured on themes with older versions of the jQuery script.

  • Minor enhancements in how the collection badge building block is rendered. This fixes issues related to how the offset, background and fontsize are applied to the collection badge.

  • Minor enhancements in how the notification building block is rendered. This fixes an issue where the rounding of the border was not applied correctly.

  • Minor enhancements in how the sticky bar building block is rendered. This fixes issues where the text in the sticky bar did not reflect that the goal is achieved immediately after the goal is achieved.

  • Minor enhancements for the Safari browser. This fixes how background images, strikethrough prices and prices prefixed with a dollar sign were rendered on the Safari browser.

  • Minor enhancements in how the product banner building block is handled to support different product banners depending on the selected variant.

  • The automatic Dynamic Pricing (no changes to theme required) have been revised for all Shopify themes (last two versions).

  • The price rule engine has been enhanced to correctly handle scenarios that involve complex combinations of offers that result in splitting rows (BOGO) and adding/removing one or more gifts.

  • Improved support for Dynamic Pricing on product and collection pages to support variants properly and display the discounted prices for the next best offer if Dynamic Pricing is disabled on the best offer.

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