Using a test theme

Learn how to set up a test theme to test script updates or Dynamic Pricing settings

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Setting up a test theme

Go to Settings > General > Installation status.

Select "Selected theme" and choose a test theme from the list.

Then click Save.

When you're done testing, you can switch back to None.

Synchronizing settings

Discount Ninja automatically saves your settings and the style aspect of your promotions to the test theme. This is done when saving a promotion or clicking the Save button in the Settings section.

Enable/disable theme

The test theme may be enabled or disabled, depending on what the status of the app was when you made a copy of the theme. When you change the status of the app, it affects both the live and test themes.

Testing a test theme

To test a theme, find the following section in your Shopify admin: Sales Channel > Online Store > Themes. Then, find the test theme in your Theme library and choose Preview from the Actions menu.

Testing a different version of the Discount Ninja script

Go to Settings > General > Installation status.

Click "Refresh status" if necessary.

In the installation status table, you'll find an overview of the status of the live and the test theme. You can manage each separetely.

You can optionally update all assets by clicking "Update assets". Note that this will reset the script to the "stable version".

You can then choose to update the script used on the test theme to the "stable" or "latest" version using the "Update script (stable)" and "Update script (latest)" buttons.

Testing a different Dynamic Pricing configuration

Go to Settings > Dynamic Pricing > Theme configuration.

You can set different settings for the live and test themes.

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