IMPORTANT NOTE: Discount Ninja Sales Channel is no longer supported by Shopify, we recommend removing it if you have it installed. This article explains how to remove it.

Which orders are affected?

By default, Discount Ninja does not use the Discount Ninja Sales Channel to initiate the checkout. Orders created via this default method are not affected.

Only orders that use the Discount Ninja Sales Channel free companion app are affected. You can check if you are using this method in the menu of the app (Settings > Integration > Sales channel).

What is the impact?

Due to a limitation in Shopify's API, the orders placed via the Discount Ninja Sales Channel are recorded by Shopify without conversion details:


Further, Shopify does not list the order in the correct 'channel' based on the referrer (Facebook, Google, ...). Instead, it lists it as 'direct' traffic, because Shopify's checkout engine did not record the conversion details.

This issue is documented here.

What are my options?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is only one workaround: disable the Discount Ninja Sales Channel. You can disable the companion app by going to the menu of the app (Settings > Integration > Sales channel) and selecting 'None':

Discount Ninja continues to work without the Sales Channel, but you lose the two features it enables as:

  • Stacking of Shopify discount codes: the Discount Ninja Sales Channel allows customers to add one Shopify discount code at checkout, without it there is no discount code field at checkout when other Discount Ninja promotions are applied. Alternative: you can install the custom Discount Ninja cart promotion code field and instruct your customers to add the discount code in the cart instead of at checkout.

  • Free shipping: the Discount Ninja Sales Channel supports the 'Free shipping for some (or all) shipping zones / delivery methods' offer type. This allows the app to apply free shipping discount codes to the checkout. This approach allows you to control which rates are offered free (up to a maximum) and for which shipping zones. Alternative: you can use the 'Offer a custom shipping rate (free or flat fee) for all shipping zones' offer type.

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