This article describes how you combine Discount Ninja ( with a messenger chatbot such as ManyChat.

Why distribute coupons via a Facebook post?

This technique allows you to provide your Facebook audience with a compelling reason to interact with your posts.

Extra comments means extra engagement. And that in turn helps you lower the cost per click (CPC) of your ad!

How to configure it in ManyChat

Provide a discount link only to those who comment on your post.

You can for example request your Facebook fans to use the word "coupon" in their comment to unlock the promotion.

ManyChat allows you to automate the response the chatbot sends to those fans who comment (with the word "coupon" in this case). Configure the response to contain a link created by Discount Ninja (see below).

How to configure it in Discount Ninja

Set up a promotion that requires a Discount URL. Read this article on how to configure this.

A Discount URL is a shareable link that automatically triggers the promotion on your web site when clicked.

This ensures that only those who visit your website through the link you share in ManyChat will get the promotion.

Distribute a unique discount code to each visitor

You can optionally configure Discount Ninja to generate a unique discount code for each visitor. This article explains how to configure this. These codes can be linked to an expiration date so that they are only valid for a given period of time (15 minutes, 24 hours, ...).

This is a great way to create urgency. Combine it with a timer to let the visitor know how much time they have to benefit from this deal.

So how does it work?

Quite simple really: visitors interact with your Facebook post to get a response that contains a link. When they click the link they access your website (product page or collection page typically) and are presented with a promotion only available to them. They receive a unique discount code which expires x minutes/hours/... after they first visit it.

Thanks to Discount Ninja's powerful Dynamic Pricing capability they will see the discounted price on the product page, cart page and checkout without every having to enter a discount code!

End result?

More engagement on your post which lowers cost per click on your ad.
Additional revenue thanks to discount promotions that are optimized for conversion.

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