Prices from product catalog

The app does not change your prices. If you uninstall the app or disable your promotions, your shop will use standard pricing again. The app allows you to easily display discounted prices throughout your store without having to make any changes to your product catalog! This is achieved through Dynamic Pricing, which requires setup on your theme. Learn more here.
It also does not add metadata to your products. All the logic is handled through the promotions, we store no information in your product catalog.
The app leverages the existing Price (not the Compare at price) you have set in your product catalog:

Collections that are published

The app allows for discounting specific collections or excluding collections of products from your promotions. Using Shopify's collections you can easily build a dynamically updated list of products that have a specific tag, vendor or product type.
Collections can only be used in Discount Ninja if they are published on the Online Store channel. Additionally, if you are using Discount Ninja's sales channel, the products and collections need to be published on that channel as well.

Price rules from Discount Ninja

Discount Ninja applies the discounts you define in the app to the cart and checkout.
The price rules can be applied in three ways using triggers:

  • Automatic rule: public promotion that triggers based on rules (can be limited to customers only, specific countries, facebook only...)
  • Shareable link: a link with a token that triggers a private/hidden promotion
  • Promotion code: a code entered in our custom promotion code field

And Shopify discount codes

On top of that the app can apply one or more discount codes at the cart, using the custom promotion code field, and optionally one more at checkout. This can be useful if you want customers to be able to take advantage of Shopify discount codes that are generated by other apps while still applying Discount Ninja promotions to the cart. Learn more about this here.

Enhanced standard Shopify checkout

The app uses the standard Shopify checkout, but applies discounts to the cart items before the checkout is loaded.
The app allows you to select if you want a discount field at checkout or not (only when Discount Ninja promotions are applied to the cart). Learn more about this here.

Interested? Also, check out the limitations of the app, listed here.

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