This article applies to Discount Ninja version 3 and above
This feature is not available on the free plan

Cart promotion code field

Discount Ninja includes a promotion code field that can be displayed in the cart (or on any other page). It can be used to apply Discount Ninja promotions as well as Shopify discount codes.

To add the field to your cart liquid, add this line where you want the field to appear:

<div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cartdiscountfield-placeholder"></div>

Enable the field

To enable the field, go to Settings > Coupon fields > Promotion code field tab.

Configure the field

Additional configuration options are available. They allow you to define:

  • if multiple discount codes can be entered
  • if Shopify discount codes can be used
  • what Shopify discount codes can be used (using include and exclude patterns)

Style the field

To configure the style of the promotion code field go to Settings > Building blocks > Cart promotion code field.

The settings in this module allow you to configure the color and style of the button and text box. You can also customize or localize the text labels displayed here.


To localize the text shown in the promotion code field, check out this article.

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