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What does a promotion summary look like?

A promotion summary can be displayed anywhere you prefer on your shop. Typically it is added on the cart page, close to the subtotal.

The content, colors and style can be edited.

Here's an example, where two promotions have been applied to the cart:

What does a promotion summary accomplish?

The promotion summary accomplishes two goals:

  • Ensures your visitors understand that promotions have been applied to the cart properly. Also ensures the visitor understands the breakdown of the total discount when multiple discounts apply.

  • Offers an opportunity to add text ("Add $190.65 to get 20% off" in the screenshot above) to provide an incentive to visitors to "spend more to save more". This can be used to increase your average order value.

Add the promotion summary to your theme

To add the promotion summary to your theme, add the following snippet to your (drawer) cart liquid file, in the place where you need the summary to be displayed:

<div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cart-promotionsummary"></div>

More information is available here.

Edit the promotion summary look & feel to fit your style

The promotion summary can be edited to:

  • Show a header row, or not (example: "Discounts applied" or "Subtotal")

  • Show a footer row, or not (example: "Your discounted subtotal: $...")

  • Add a border or not

  • Change background colors

  • ...

These settings can be changed in the settings of the app:
go to Settings > Building blocks > Cart promotion summary.

Use the ON|OFF toggle to switch the feature on or off.

The style can be edit in the tabs:

  • Header & footer: enable a header and or footer and change the text displayed

  • Body: change background color and width of the body (middle part) of the summary; note that the text in the body is composed of the promotion summary text configured for each of the offers that are applied to the cart; in this section, you can also change the text displayed when a Shopify discount code is unlocked (as opposed to a Discount Ninja promotion)

  • Border: add a border around the summary

  • Margin: add whitespace around the summary

  • Placement: align the summary left, center or right

  • Advanced: configure advanced options

Change the text displayed in the promotion summary (for Discount Ninja promotions)

Each offer can be configured to display a line of text in the body of the promotion summary. And optionally, more text to provide an incentive for customers to spend more.

Example, highlighted in a green rectangle:

Where can you find this text?

Go to:

  • The list of Promotions

  • Edit a promotion

  • Click "Offers"

  • Click "Edit building blocks"

In the building blocks overview, click the Edit button of the Cart text (and Drawer cart text if you are using a drawer cart) building block:

Note that Dynamic Pricing must be configured for cart text to be displayed.

Next click the tab "Promotion summary message (below subtotal)" (can be the second tab). Edit the message and Save.

Change the text displayed in the promotion summary (for standard Shopify discount codes)

When a standard Shopify discount code is entered in the promotion code field or unlocked via a shareable link a line is also added to the promotion summary.

These settings can be changed in the settings of the app:
go to Settings > Building blocks > Cart promotion summary.

Find the "Body" tab and look for the three sections at the bottom.

You can set a template for:

  • Fixed amount discount codes

  • Percentage discount codes

  • Free shipping discount codes

The text can contain shortcodes. Specifically, you may want to use:

  • {{SHIPPING_ICON}}: replaced by a truck emoji

  • {{GIFT_ICON}}: replaced by a wrapped gift emoji

  • {{DISCOUNT_CODE}}: the Shopify discount code

  • {{DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE}}: the percentage of the discount code

  • {{OFFER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT}}: the total savings related to the discount code

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