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Can I use a single code to trigger multiple offers?
Can I use a single code to trigger multiple offers?

Learn how to use a single promotion code to trigger multiple offers.

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Shopify discount code limitations

Shopify accepts discount codes at checkout.
Unfortunately, third party apps cannot change the behavior of discount codes. Therefore, Shopify discount codes added at checkout can only apply one offer.

Discount Ninja

Discount Ninja, however, is capable of applying multiple offers when a single promotion is unlocked.

If you want to unlock multiple offers with a single code, you'll need to set up the Discount Ninja promotion code field, an App block that can be added to the cart page (or drawer cart). The promotion code field looks similar to Shopify's discount code, but works differently, as explained here.


The app provides four alternatives to using Shopify discount codes:

  • Private promotions (secret sale)

    • Promotion codes: a promotion can be associated with one (or more) discount codes. When this code is entered in Discount Ninja's promotion code field (available on your cart or drawer cart), the promotion is triggered.

    • Discount links: instead of a promotion code, you can provide your customers with a discount link (e.g.

    • Signed-in customer: promotions can be triggered when a customer logs in to their account. Optionally, the tag of the customer can be used to determine which promotion to trigger. Learn more here.

  • Public promotions

    • Automatic discounts: promotions can also be configured to trigger automatically or based on the content/value of the cart

Triggering multiple offers

Each Discount Ninja promotion can group as many offers as needed.
A single promotion, triggered via any of the four solutions outlined above, can therefore unlock multiple offers.
For example:

  • An offer to discount products in collection A with 10%

  • An offer to discount products in collection B with 20%

  • Free shipping when adding 5 products

  • A gift over $100

  • A different gift over $200

To add more than one offer to a promotion, simply:

  • Edit the promotion

  • Open the Offers section

  • Click "Add new offer":

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