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What happens to the Shopify discount field when I use Discount Ninja?

Learn how the Shopify discount field works when Discount Ninja is used

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We refer to the following field with the term Shopify discount code field:

We refer to the following field with the term Discount Ninja promotion code field:

Discount code field v Promotion code field: what is different?

Shopify discount code field

  • Only accepts Shopify discount codes, does not accept Discount Ninja promotion codes

  • Each code can apply only a single discount

  • Can be configured to stack Shopify discount codes on top of Discount Ninja promotions

  • Available on the checkout form (step after cart)

  • Managed by Shopify

Discount Ninja promotion code field

  • Accepts existing Shopify discount codes.

  • Accepts Discount Ninja promotion codes (set up in the Trigger tab of your promotion, see more here).

  • Can be configured to accept multiple codes

  • Each code can apply one or more offers

  • Available on the cart form (step before checkout)

  • Managed by Discount Ninja

  • Needs to be added to your theme and enabled in the settings. Read more here.

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