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Promotions, Offers and Triggers
Promotions, Offers and Triggers
Learn what Discount Ninja offers and triggers are and how you use them to build your promotions
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You can refer to the combination of one trigger and one or more offers as a promotion.
Discount Ninja does not display a list of promotions, instead you'll find a list of triggers and a list of offers in the app.


Offers define a discount you want to provide to all or some of your visitors and customers.
An offer provides one of the following:

  • Free shipping

  • Percentage discount

  • Fixed amount discount at line level

  • Fixed amount discount at cart level

  • Free gift

An offer can include cart rules:

  • When it is applicable: for example if the visitor spends $50 or buys 2 shirts

  • What products or collections it applies to

An offer also defines a a schedule (i.e. start and end date) as well as some configuration around number of times it can be used.


Triggers define:

  • How offers are bundled 

  • To whom they are offered

Triggers come in three flavors:

  • Automatic rules: these are public promotions, they are automatically triggered if the conditions apply.

  • Shareable link: these are private promotions, they are hidden and only displayed if a customer access the shop with a link that contains a token specific to the trigger. You can share the links via social media, email, sms, messenger or paid ads.

  • Promotion code: these are private promotions, they are hidden and only displayed if the visitor enters the promotion code to Discount Ninja's custom promotion code field

Triggers can contain conditions:

  • Audience: trigger offers only for visitors or for logged-in customers; this can be used to offer promotions for employees, wholesale customers, VIP customers and more

  • Geotargeting: trigger offers only for those connecting from specific countries or those not connecting from specific countries

  • Referrers: trigger offers for those that come from specific domains, such as facebook, google,...

  • Exclusivity: configure if this promotion is exclusive (i.e. the only promotion that is taken into account when offered to a visitor) or if it can be combined with other promotions.

  • Frequency: control how often the offer is presented to your visitors.

  • Schedule: configure when your promotion starts/ends.

Triggers can trigger multiple offers. This is useful if you want to combine multiple offers in the cart with a shareable link or promotion codes.

You can document multiple shareable links for the same trigger. This is useful if you want to create a separate link for each discounted product or collection and share those links with your customers.

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