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How to trigger multiple promotions with a shareable link?
How to trigger multiple promotions with a shareable link?

Learn how a single shareable link can trigger multiple private promotions

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[NEW FEATURE: if you need this feature, please request us to enable it on your store via [email protected] if you installed the app before April 2019]

This article assumes you understand what Discount Ninja's shareable links are and how you build them. Read this article for more information.

Combining multiple tokens

To build a link that triggers multiple promotions, simply list the tokens of each of the promotions you want to trigger separated by a comma.


  • To trigger two promotions, one with the token ABCDE and the other with the token FGHIJ you would use the following link:,FGHIJ

Checking out with multiple promotions

Discount Ninja supports checking out with a cart that includes products that participate in different promotions (e.g. one product is discounted at 10% and another at 30%). Read more about this in this article.

Creating a Vanity URL

A shareable link can get long. If you wish to shorten your link take these steps:

  • Find "Navigation" in the menu of your Shopify admin portal (located under "Online store"):

  • Click on "URL redirects"

  • Click "Create redirect"

  • In "Redirect from" fill in the part of the URL that will come after your shop's home page URL. It's the "somethinghere" in

  • In "Redirect to" fill in the landing page you want visitors to be redirected to and the tokens you want to be triggered.

  • Click "Save redirect"

  • Test 

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