A vanity URL is a URL that is shorter and less technical than a standard Discount Ninja shareable link.





Edit your promotion, and navigate to the Trigger section.

On the Trigger tab, ensure the promotion is configured to be triggered by a Shareable link and/or promotion code:

Next, navigate to the Shareable links tab and click "Add".

Create your shareable link. You can configure a landing page and optionally include UTM parameters. Then set the switch "Create a vanity link?" to ON.

Configure the vanity link and click "Save":

Yes. Edit the promotion and find the links in the Trigger section in the Shareable links tab. You can edit the links and change the shareable link or the vanity link.

IMPORTANT If you change the shareable link to which the vanity link points, please note it may take a while before the vanity link starts to redirect to the new shareable link. Discount Ninja uses Shopify's navigation redirect mechanism to create Vanity URLs. Shopify's navigation redirect is based on redirects performed by DNS servers. Changes to the redirect need to propagate to all servers which can take up to 24 hours. In some cases it can take up to 48 hours.

In Shopify, go to Online Store > Navigation

Then click URL Redirects:

You'll find a list of the URL redirects available in your system.

Advanced: triggering multiple promotions

The shareable link builder can only generate vanity links for links that trigger a single promotion. To trigger multiple promotions with a vanity links, read this article. Edit your vanity link manually to point your vanity link to a shareable link that triggers multiple promotions.

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