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How do I use the shareable link builder?
How do I use the shareable link builder?

Learn how to use the shareable link builder

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To build a shareable link, simply add the token of your promotion to your preferred landing page URL (this can be the home page, a collection page, a product page, a custom page or a blog post).


To build a link that triggers multiple promotions read this article.

Use the wizard

Sound complicated? Not sure when to use ? and & or where to find your token?
No worries, we created a wizard to help you build those links.
Simply edit your promotion and go to the "Shareable link builder" tab to configure the landing page you want to send traffic to (if this tab is not available, you likely have created a public promotion, change this in the Triggers tab). 

(Optional) UTM parameters

To track you campaigns you may want to add UTM parameters to your link. These optional parameters are interpreted by a number of marketing tools (e.g. Google Analytics). Discount Ninja does not handle these parameters, we simply facilitate adding them to your shareable link.

Once your link is built, it's super easy to copy it.
Simply click the copy button next to your link:

A shareable link can get long. If you wish to shorten your link with a "Vanity URL", read this article.

Share it!

Share your link via email or social media.
Visitors will land on the selected page and the promotion will be triggered automatically.

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