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Learn how to edit the building blocks of an offer

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Building blocks are defined at the offer level to give you maximum control.

To edit a building block, follow the steps below.

Edit promotion

First, edit the promotion. Open Promotions, find your promotion and click Edit:

Edit building blocks of offer

Next, navigate to the Offers section, find the offer and click Edit building blocks:

Standard blocks v page blocks

Standard blocks do not require any updates to your theme.

Other blocks are available per page type:

  • Product page: product banner and Dynamic Pricing

  • Collection page: collection badge and Dynamic Pricing

  • Cart page: cart text and drawer cart text and Dynamic Pricing

  • Checkout page: checkout text

The product page, collection page and cart page require your theme to be updated (unless your theme is ready for Discount Ninja out of the box).

Enable or disable a building block

To disable a building block, move the ON switch to OFF.

This will disable the building block for that offer.

In the case of a sticky bar or notification, that means the sticky bar and notification will not display text for this offer.

Edit a building block

To edit the building block, click the Edit button.

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