Custom Rebuy drawer cart

Note: this article assumes the user is using the custom Rebuy drawer cart. For more information on how to configure this, see


Discount Ninja does not provide support for a full integration with Rebuy's drawer cart. Specifically, the following is not supported:

  • The Rebuy shipping bar is not aware of the discounted cart total. This can be achieved programmatically (JavaScript knowledge required) using the Discount Ninja client side API.

  • Rebuy offers an upsell popup when the checkout button is clicked. This feature is not compatible with Discount Ninja.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Edit the code of your theme

  • Find the rebuy-cart-template.liquid file


  • Add the class limoniapps-discountninja-drawercart-root to the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout

  • This should look as follows:

    <div class="rebuy-cart__flyout limoniapps-discountninja-drawercart-root">

    Product / line price

  • Find the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout-item-price and the limoniapps-discountninja-cart-item-product-price class as well as the data attribute v-bind:data-limoniapps-discountninja-cart-key="item.key".

  • If you prefer to show the line price (i.e. product price x quantity), use the class limoniapps-discountninja-cart-item-line-price instead.

  • This should look as follows:

    <div class="rebuy-cart__flyout-item-price limoniapps-discountninja-cart-item-product-price" v-bind:data-limoniapps-discountninja-cart-key="item.key">

    Cart text

  • Find the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout-item-variant-title.

  • Below it, add the line

    <div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cart-item-product-comment" v-bind:data-limoniapps-discountninja-cart-key="item.key"></div>


  • Find the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout-subtotal-amount and add the class limoniapps-discountninja-cart-subtotal-price

  • Optionally, add the class limoniapps-discountninja-cart-subtotal to the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout-subtotal. This is recommended if you plan to use the promotion summary.

  • Optionally, add the promotion summary placeholder using <div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cart-promotionsummary"></div>

  • This should look as follows:

     <div class="rebuy-cart__flyout-subtotal">
    <div class="rebuy-cart__flyout-subtotal-label">
    <span v-html="subtotalLabel()"></span>
    <div class="rebuy-cart__flyout-subtotal-amount limoniapps-discountninja-cart-subtotal-price" v-html="subtotal()"></div>
    <div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cart-promotionsummary"></div>

    Terms and conditions

  • Find the input with classes rebuy-cart__flyout-terms-checkbox rebuy-checkbox and add the class limoniapps-discountninja-checkout-checkbox.

  • This should look as follows:

    <input class="rebuy-cart__flyout-terms-checkbox rebuy-checkbox limoniapps-discountninja-checkout-checkbox" id="rebuy-terms-checkbox" name="rebuy-terms-checkbox" type="checkbox" v-model="termsAccepted" v-on:click="updateTermsCheck()" />

    Promotion code field

  • Find the div with class rebuy-cart__flyout-discount-container. On the line above it add:

    <div class="limoniapps-discountninja-cartdiscountfield-placeholder"></div>

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