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Learn how Discount Ninja handles Buy Now buttons on product pages

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What are Buy Now buttons?

Buy Now buttons are found on product pages and allow customers to skip the "Add to cart" process and check a product out with a single click.


How does Discount Ninja handle Buy Now buttons?

The app detects Buy Now buttons and overrides the click event of these buttons. When a Buy Now button is clicked, Discount Ninja redirects the customer to a discounted checkout if necessary.

My Buy Now button is not automatically detected?

Discount Ninja automatically detects Buy Now buttons based on the CSS class and data attributes associated with those buttons. If your theme includes a custom Buy Now button that is not automatically detected, add the limoniapps-discountninja-buynowbutton CSS class to the button to ensure it is detected by Discount Ninja.

When are these buttons overridden?

Discount Ninja detects when promotions are active in the cart. When at least one promotion is active in the cart the app hides the buttons.

Why are these buttons overridden?

Shopify does not allow apps to inject discount codes or otherwise influence the checkout process when these buttons are used.
As a result, visitors will pay full price when using these buttons, even if Discount Ninja promotions should reduce the price. This is a potential cause of confusion and frustration for your visitors.
To ensure consistency Discount Ninja overrides these buttons to produce a discounted checkout for the selected product variant and selected quantity.

Can I override this behavior?

Yes, you can, although we strongly recommend against doing this because of the reasons mentioned above.

If the app is detecting a button as a "Buy Now" button that you do not wish to be handled by the app, you can mark it using the CSS class: limoniapps-discountninja-ignore.
To instruct the app to not handle any Buy Now buttons go to Settings > Checkout options and open the Accelerated checkout buttons tab. Then change this option:

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