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Learn why Discount Ninja disables express checkout buttons on the cart page when promotions are active

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What "cart page" buttons does Discount Ninja impact?

Discount Ninja, by default, hides the following buttons on the cart page:

  • "Buy with Amazon/Apple Pay/PayPal/..." buttons. These buttons initiate an express checkout using a specific payment option. This checkout process does not support advanced discounts.

IMPORTANT: Discount Ninja is fully compatible with Amazon/Apple Pay/PayPal/... payment options when they are used on the checkout.

Can customers still check out with Apple Pay, PayPal Express...?

Yes, customers can check out with all the payment options you have enabled. These options are presented on the checkout screen by Shopify.

Why are these buttons hidden?

Shopify does not allow apps to inject discount codes or otherwise influence the checkout process when these buttons are used.
As a result, visitors will pay full price when using these buttons, even if Discount Ninja promotions should reduce the price. This is a potential cause of confusion and frustration for your visitors.
To ensure consistency Discount Ninja hides these buttons so as to force visitors to use the standard add to cart and checkout process.

When are these buttons hidden?

Discount Ninja detects when promotions are active in the cart. When at least one promotion is active in the cart the app hides the buttons.

Can I override this behavior?

Yes, you can, although we strongly recommend against doing this because of the reasons mentioned above.
To show the buttons go to Settings > Checkout options and open the Accelerated checkout buttons tab. Then change this option:

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