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Setting up Dynamic Pricing
Setting up Dynamic Pricing summary
Setting up Dynamic Pricing summary

Learn how to set up Dynamic Pricing for Discount Ninja

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This article applies to Discount Ninja version 3 and above

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Discount Ninja's Dynamic Pricing capability essentially allows you to display discounted prices on the collection page, product page and cart page.
The app allows you to configure the style of the discounted prices:

  • Color

  • Size

  • Strikethrough or not

  • SALE tag (optional prefix) color, size and text

  • x% off (optional suffix) color, size and text

Demo of Dynamic Pricing

This video explains the benefits of Dynamic Pricing and shows what it does.


By default Dynamic Pricing cannot show discounted prices in the following scenarios:

  • Prices on pages built with page builders

  • Search results built by apps

If you need to display discounted prices for one or more of the above scenarios reach out to us to see if an integration module is available.

General guidance

  • Always take a backup of your theme before starting work, this will allow you to roll back to the backed up version if something goes wrong (see this procedure on how to roll back).

  • To avoid impacting your live customers, you can choose to work on a backup instead of the Live theme.

Instructions on how to update your theme

To make your theme ready for Dynamic Pricing, follow these instructions:

Enable Dynamic Pricing in the app 

IMPORTANT: after you have made the necessary changes, go to Settings > Dynamic Pricing > General to indicate you have completed the setup. Once that is complete you can test your setup. As always, use a new tab in your browser to test.

This video explains how you mark the setup as completed and walks you through the settings that help you to configure Dynamic Pricing for your shop.

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