By integrating Discount Ninja and Klaviyo you get the following benefits:

  • Use unique Shopify discount codes, generated by Klaviyo

  • Show Discount Ninja building blocks when a Klaviyo unique discount code is applied

  • Show discounted prices (requires Dynamic Pricing setup on your theme)

  • Combine Klaviyo discount codes with other promotions

Step 1: create a coupon in Klaviyo

  • Open Klaviyo

  • Open the Coupons section and create a new Coupon

Step 2: use your coupon codes in Klaviyo flows/campaigns

Step 3: set up a promotion in Discount Ninja

  • Open Discount Ninja

  • Create a promotion

  • Select the offer template "Apply a unique Shopify discount code":

  • Select the Klaviyo coupon from the list:

  • Add building blocks if required

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