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Learn how to configure the tags that Discount Ninja adds to orders that include Discount Ninja promotions

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Configuration options

In the menu go to Settings > General > Order tags

Discount Ninja tag

By default, all orders that were prepared by Discount Ninja are tagged.

This helps you to easily identify which orders are the result of a checkout that has been prepared by Discount Ninja.

The default tag is "Discount Ninja".

You can change the tag in the options or uncheck the option to instruct the app not to add the tag.

Please note that changes in this section are not applied retroactively.

Promotion-related tokens

Discount Ninja can add further information to the orders by adding tags that indicate which promotion, offer, promotion code, or discount code has been applied to the order.

For example, if a promotion has a token ABCD (this is the unique identifier of the promotion, defined by Discount Ninja; it cannot be modified) and the promotion is applied to an order, then that order will be tagged DN-TT-ABCD.

You can change the prefix of the promotion-related tags or disable them by unchecking the option.

Please note that changes in this section are not applied retroactively.

Checkout id

You can optionally add a tag with the checkout number (identifier of Shopify that uniquely identifies the checkout).

Coupon fraud

The app automatically adds a "Coupon Fraud Risk" when a "one use per customer" promotion is redeemed on multiple orders that likely come from the same customer.

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