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Does Discount Ninja update my theme?
Does Discount Ninja update my theme?

Learn how and why your theme is updated when using Discount Ninja

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Standard usage

The app creates or updates one or more Liquid files (assets, stored in your theme that are used by the app) when:

  • A promotion is created or edited (Promotions > Edit > Save)

  • The app is enabled/disabled (Settings > General > Installation Status > Enable | Disable)

  • The settings of the app are saved (Settings > Save)

  • The assets of the app are re-installed (Settings > General > Installation Status > Re-install assets)

  • The script of the app is updated (Settings > General > Installation Status > Update script | Switch script mode)

The following assets are updated in the above scenarios:

  • limoniapps-discountninja.css.liquid

  • limoniapps-discountninja-header.liquid

  • limoniapps-discountninja-body.liquid

  • limoniapps-discountninja-context-settings.liquid

Dynamic Pricing

Markers are added to your theme to enable Dynamic Pricing (if your theme does not support Dynamic Pricing out-of-the-box). These markers are applied to allow the app to show discounted prices throughout your shop as well as some building blocks to communicate discounts to customers.

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