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Currency settings

Learn how to set currency formatting for Discount Ninja

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Discount Ninja leverages your Shopify settings to show Dynamic Pricing using your preferred format, but allows you to set a custom currency symbol if required.

If you need to update your Shopify settings, follow these steps:

Locating your Shopify currency settings

To change your currency settings in Shopify, go to Settings > General and click "Change formatting" in the "Standards and formats" section:

Changing base currency

Select a new base currency from the list if required:

Changing your Shopify currency formatting

Click the link "Change formatting":

Shopify will then allow you to modify your settings:

Discount Ninja synchronizes

Discount Ninja will copy your settings within 1 hour. This happens autmatically.

Override currency symbol

In the Settings of Discount Ninja you can optionally override the currency symbol

Using the currency symbol

To use the currency symbol leverage the {{CURRENCY_SYMBOL}} shortcode. Learn more about shortcodes here.

Currency switchers

Discount Ninja supports the currency switcher app "Best Currency Converter" by Doubly (

Combining Discount Ninja with "Best Currency Converter" ensures the Dynamic Prices are converted to the selected currency.

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