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Add money class to currency format
Add money class to currency format

Learn how to add the "money" css class to the currency format

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Some Discount Ninja require that your currency format contains a "money" css class.

If you need to update your Shopify settings, follow these steps:

Locating your Shopify currency settings

To change your currency settings in Shopify, go to Settings > General and click "Change formatting" in the "Standards and formats" section:

Changing base currency

Select a new base currency from the list if required:

Changing your Shopify currency formatting

Click the link "Change formatting":

Shopify will then allow you to modify your settings:

Update the first two rows:

  • HTML with currency

  • HTML without currency

You'll want to add the following before the text:

<span class="money">

And the following after the text:


So, the above example becomes:

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