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Learn how to be GDPR compliant when using Discount Ninja

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In order for your website to be GDPR compliant you need to inform your visitors about how you (and third parties you use) handle their data.

To help you achieve this goal we've included the terms you must add to your store's Privacy Policy when using our app: 

"By using our website, you (the visitor) agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purposes of serving you promotions applicable for your location. You also agree to have promotion related information stored in the cache of your browser. Third parties may store (1) information about applied promotions for performance purposes (this information is stored in the short-lived web storage cache of your browser, known as sessionStorage, which is automatically removed when you close your browser) as well as (2) information about promotions applied on your device over time to ensure some promotions are delivered only once on each device (this information is stored in the long-lived web storage cache of your browser, termed localStorage)." 

ATTENTION. Please be aware that using our app or just adding the above text to your Privacy Policy, does not automatically make your store GDPR compliant. You will need to make sure at your end that your company is GDPR compliant under all aspects. If you need further information on what you need to do to make sure your business is GDPR compliant, Shopify has some really good guides

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