Building blocks

Discount Ninja includes a number of building blocks that you can customize.
Building blocks are visual components that are designed to communicate your offer to your audience. The following building blocks are available:

A sticky bar can be displayed on the top or the bottom of the page or below your menu. The sticky bar introduces your offer(s) to your visitors. The bar can cycle through multiple messages if more than one offer is available. 


The notification is designed to confirm to customers that an offer has been applied to their cart. The notification can be displayed in six different locations on your page. It automatically minimizes and is very subtle on mobile devices.

Countdown clock

A countdown clock can be added to your notification, sticky bar or product page text. It displays a timer that can be configured to:

  • Countdown until the scheduled end date of your offer

  • Countdown for x days/hours/minutes

Editing the building blocks

Each offer can optionally enable one or more building blocks. To edit them, go to your offer list and click the "Edit building blocks" link in the offer you want to edit:

To enable a block, set the ON/OFF toggle to ON:

Once a block is enabled, you can edit it by clicking the Edit button:

Editing the sticky bar

This article explains how you can edit the sticky bar.

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