Discount Ninja version 3 was released a while ago. Version 3 is a brand new product, re-built from scratch to incorporate all the feedback we received since version 1. 

It has a great set of new features and promotion types that are designed to improve conversion and average order value. 

Version 1, launched in 2017, will be phased out. If you are currently using Discount Ninja version 1 you will automatically be migrated to version 3 on January 31st 2020.

How can I check if I'm using version 1?

Version 1 includes the following footer at the bottom of the app:

How does this affect me?

Version 1 will no longer continue to operate after January 31st 2020.
In this briefing we're providing you all the information necessary for you to decide if you want to continue to use Discount Ninja. If you prefer not to continue, you can simply uninstall the app. If you decide to continue to boost your sales with Discount Ninja, you'll need to request a migration and set up your promotions in the new Discount Ninja app.

Will I need to pay more?

No. As a thank you for being a long time user, your price will remain the same (i.e. $14.95/month for Premium version 1 users).
Note that version 3 is priced differently compared to version 1 though. You can see the available subscription plans here:
If you decide to upgrade to Silver or Gold you'll get a 40% (!) discount on the retail price of the subscription plan.

Which subscription plan do I get access to?

If you're a Premium version 1 user you get access to the Bronze plan ($29/ month value). If you're using the free version of version 1, you'll get access to the free plan.

Are all the version 1 features included in version 3?

No. The following features are not included:

  • Pop-ups: notifications and sticky bars are supported; pop-ups are not yet available. This capability is currently undergoing redesign and will be added to the product in the coming months.
  • (Generated) Discount codes: the app no longer uses Shopify discount codes to provide discounts.
  • Dynamic Pricing is only supported on paid plans

What new features do I get access to?

  • Discount stacking: you can run multiple promotions at the same time and combine them in the same cart
  • Improved conversion of the script

If you are currently a version 1 Premium user, you'll also get access to the Bronze plan features:

  • Spend x, get y promotions: motivate your visitors to spend more in exchange for a discount
  • Buy x, get y promotions: give a discount when visitors buy x products
  • Free gift with promotions: add a free gift to the cart when a visitor buys specific products are spends a specific amount
  • Promotion code field: allow visitors to add a discount code in the cart
  • Improved Dynamic Pricing capabilities
  • ... and much more

How can I migrate now?

If you're currently on the free plan of version 1: simply uninstall the app and reinstall it from

If you're currently on the Premium version of version 1, take the following steps:

  • Deactivate your current promotions in version 1
  • Do NOT uninstall the app
  • Send us a note at [email protected] requesting a migration; mention the domain of your shop
  • We'll migrate your account and give you access to the Bronze plan

How much time do I have?

Discount Ninja version 1 you will automatically be migrated to version 3 on January 31st 2020.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected] 

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