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Discount Ninja promotions automatically combine

Discount Ninja promotions automatically combine.

For example, you can configure:

  • 5% off all products (line-level)

  • 10% off on shirts (line-level)

  • 20% off on shirts on sale (line-level)

  • 15% off on pants (line-level)

  • Free shipping

When you use line-level promotions, the app will automatically figure out what discount applies to each product.

In the above example, products will get between 5 and 20% off based on the collection they belong to.

5% if not shirts or pants; 10% if shirts but not shirts on sale; 20% if shirts on sale; 15% if pants.

The app automatically applies the discount that is best for the user (lowest discounted price).

Order level Discount Ninja promotions combine with line-level promotions

If you configure the following promotions

  • 5% off all products (line-level)

  • 10% off shirts (line-level)

  • $20 off the total cart value (order-level)

Visitors who unlock both promotions will get 2 discounts. First, the line-level discount(s) will be applied: either 5% or 10% will be applied depending on what collection the product belongs to (shirts or not).

Then the order-level discount ($20) will be applied.

Shipping promotions combine with line and order level promotions

Shipping promotions can be combined with all other promotion types to offer anything from 10% off + free shipping over $20 off + free shipping to free gift + BOGO + free shipping.

Avoiding combinations

Sometimes you may want to avoid that multiple Discount Ninja promotions combine.

This can be achieved using the "Exclusivity" settings of promotions.

Discount Ninja promotions can contain multiple offers. This allows you to bundle multiple offers into a single promotion that can be triggered via a link, a Discount Ninja promotion code (not to be confused with a Shopify discount code) or automatically.

Each promotion can be configured to be exclusive. When a promotion is exclusive, it will override any non-exclusive offers when it is activated.

If multiple exclusive offers are active in the same cart, only one will be applied. The priority field determines which one is applied.

To configure exclusivity, edit your promotion, then go to the Trigger section.

Find the Exclusivity tab:

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