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How to implement stacking of order-level promotions

Learn how to set up stacking for order-level promotions

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This article is part of a series, for more information about other scenarios related to combining and stacking promotions check out this article.

Line-level promotions: the app selects the best offer automatically

Discount Ninja promotions do not stack at the line level.

Instead, the app selects the best offer per line/product automatically.

If you configure two line-level promotions

  • $10 off each shirt

  • 20% off shirts

Visitors who unlock both promotions will get only one of the promotions. The app will calculate the discount for each promotion and will offer the best of the two available promotions.

Order-level Discount Ninja promotions stack on top of line-level promotions

If you configure the following promotions

  • 10% off shirts (line-level)

  • $20 off the total cart value (order-level)

Visitors who unlock both promotions will get both discounts. First, the line-level discount(s) will be applied, then the order-level discount will be applied.

Order-level Discount Ninja promotions can stack

By default, order-level promotions do not stack with other order-level promotions.

If you configure two order level promotions

  • $10 off discount and

  • $20 off discount

Visitors who unlock both promotions will get $20 off (the best of the two available promotions).

However, order-level promotions can be configured to stack.

Edit your promotions, then edit each offer that should stack (only available for order level discounts). Configure the option in the Stacking tab as follows:

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