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Learn why and how to mark a "Load more" button

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What is a "Load more" button

When collections contain more products than can be displayed on the collection page, some themes offer different options:

  • Paging: customers can navigate to another "page" by clicking on the number of the page or by clicking "Next", "Previous", "First" or "Last" buttons; the page is refreshed when a new page with a different set of products from the collection is loaded.

  • Load more: a button is displayed at the bottom of the page. When the button is clicked, the next set of products is loaded.

How are they handled by Discount Ninja?

Discount Ninja automatically detects when new "pages" of products are loaded on a collection page. This is important to ensure Dynamic Pricing is applied when new products are displayed.

On some themes, the "Load more" method loads products in ways that are not automatically detected by Discount Ninja. In those cases, it is important to mark the "Load more" button with the CSS class limoniapps-discountninja-loadmore-collectionproducts. This allows the app to identify the "Load more" button and to apply Dynamic Pricing (if set up correctly) to the sets of products that are loaded dynamically when the "Load more" button is clicked.


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