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Learn how to avoid issues when using Langify and Discount Ninja together

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In general Discount Ninja and Langify work well together. You can even use Langify to translate texts of building blocks.

Discount Ninja uses a JavaScript script in the browser that relies on a number of JavaScript objects that are stored in the browser. One of these objects lists the Settings of the app and is generated in an asset stored in the theme.

This settings object has a number of "properties". The names of these properties should not be modified or translated.


Langify includes a capability to translate custom strings. This functionality is found in Langify under Settings > Custom in a section called "Custom Contents".

Translating words such as "Checkout" or "Cart" can result in an issue since Langify also translates technical properties in Discount Ninja's JavaScript settings object. This breaks Discount Ninja.


Contact Langify to understand what alternatives may be available to translate words such as "Checkout" or "Cart" without using the "Custom Contents".
The following words should be avoided in Langify's "Custom Contents" to avoid issues with Discount Ninja:

  • Cart

  • Checkout

  • Badge

  • Currency

  • General

  • Label

  • Notification

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