Two types of promotions are available in Discount Ninja:

  • Require Discount URL: These promotions require that you send the URL generated by Discount Ninja to your audience. You can share this URL with your prospects or customers via email, Facebook, Instagram or any other channel you prefer. Those who receive your Discount URL and visit your website by clicking the link will receive your promotion on the website.
  • Automatic Discount: These promotions do not require sending URLs to prospects or customers. They are automatically triggered whenever a visitor visits a page of a product that participates. Depending on the selection of promoted products, the promotion can be triggered on the home page, collection page and/or product page.

Priority for URLs

It is possible to define promotions of both types for your store (i.e. both Automatic Discount and Require Discount URL). When you do this note that the Require Discount Ninja promotions will always be evaluated first. This means that, if a user has a Discount URL, we will first check if the URL matches one of the promotions you have set up. If it does not the Automatic Discount rules will be applied.

How do I decide which one to use?

  • Use Require Discount URL to segment. It allows you to provide specific groups of prospects or customers with a link that triggers an offer that other visitors will not receive.
  • Use Automatic Discount ┬áif you want to provide a discount (on a given product or group of products) to all visitors of your website.
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