Setting up a promotion for a specific holiday? Or simply want to create some urgency? Discount Ninja has you covered.

Expiration settings

Access the timer settings by editing your promotion and clicking the Discount tab.

Four options are available for the expiration date:

  • Never: timer will be unavailable
  • Until the promotion ends: configure an end date on the Scheduling tab. This option allows you to set a fixed expiration date. After this date the promotion will no longer be valid and visitors will not be presented your offer.
  • In x minutes/hours/... from now: use this option to specify that the promotion expires in a given amount of seconds, minutes, hours or days.
  • On the next Friday/last of the month: make sure that your timer shows a relevant date if you run evergreen promotions¬†

Expiration of discount codes

Discount Ninja automatically sets the expiration date (Ends At) of generated discount codes. If you choose to use a fixed discount code, make sure to align the expiration date set in Discount Ninja and the expiration date set in Shopify.

Creating urgency with a timer

Read more about how to configure your timer here.

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