Our customers have come up with a number of ways to create more value with Discount Ninja.

I wanted to share with you the top 10 ways you can use Discount Ninja to increase your revenue.

  • Flash Sales – Holiday season is coming up. Run a promotion that expires on Black Friday (for example) to create real urgency! Whenever a customer accesses the promotion the timer will make it clear when the price disappears. Learn more about using timers
  • Distributing coupons via a Facebook post – Incentivize your Facebook audience to interact with your posts. Provide your post only to those who comment on your post(extra engagement lowers the CPC of your ad). Combine Discount Ninja with a tool to respond to Facebook messages (such as ManyChat) to achieve this result.
  • Price testing – Find out at what price point your products convert best (while still being profitable). Create multiple promotions in Discount Ninja (use the Duplicate feature to quickly create variants of a promotion). Set up different discounts for each promotion. Then send one discount URL to segment A of your customers and the other discount URLs to a different segment. Compare the results of the promotions. Rinse and repeat!
  • Free + Shipping – Offer some of your products in a “free”, just pay shipping mode. Keep your retail price on these products and simply provide the F+S offer to the those customers who qualify for the offer. Add a 100% off voucher to your F+S products and charge shipping only (in combination with weight based shipping rules or an app such as https://apps.shopify.com/free-plus-shipping).
  • Reward loyalty – Build an email campaign (using MailChimp, Klaviyo, … for example) to reward your customer’s loyalty by sending vouchers to those customers that are in your VIP lists. Create a discount URL and paste the URL in your email template. The link in your email allows your customers to have their discount automatically applied. Zero friction! 
  • Reward loyalty (automatically!) – You could even choose to not show a pop-up and automatically apply the discount, but only for customers. Or better yet, customers that you gave a tag in Shopify (e.g. VIP Customers). Learn more about restricting access to customers here.
  • Personalize your marketing – Optimize your price and promotions depending on the segment you target. First segment your customers. Using tools such as Klaviyo you can easily do this (build email lists of customers that bought product x, but not y, …) and the same can be achieved with custom audiences in Facebook. Next create Discount Ninja promotions that are specific for each segment (i.e if interested in lime pie topics get 10% on your new pie) and share them with that segment only.
  • Dynamic retargeting with Facebook – If you’re not retargeting, you’re leaving money on the table. Customers need to be exposed to your brand on average 7 times before they decide to buy. At the right time (maybe when they Add to Cart, but do not Purchase), send a Discount URL to those who are on the fence to persuade them to buy. It's better to close the deal with a discount than to lose the deal entirely, since you've already invested advertising dollars in getting the visitor this far.
  • No surprises with coupon sites – Are your discount codes being shared on coupon sites? Sharing your discount codes too widely can result in loss of profitability when an audience with a lower potential Customer Lifetime Value starts using your codes they found on coupon sites. With Discount Ninja you can share links and sleep easy.
  • One off urls – Do you want toprovide a discount to a special customer? Maybe to compensate for a delayin shipping? Send them an easy to use link.
  • Offer a discounted prepackaged bundle – Share a "checkout URL" with a bundle of products combined with a discount code. Ideal for up-sell offers.

What are you using Discount Ninja for?
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