What is a token?

A token uniquely identifies a promotion on your store. It is used in a URL to trigger the promotion for those visitors that have access to the discount Ninja.

When is a token used?

A token is used in promotions that require a Discount Ninja (i.e. it is not required for Automatic Discount promotions).

Should I add the token to the URL?

If you have generated the Discount Ninja through the app then the token has automatically been added to the URL.
Here's what the URL looks like for a ficticious token ABCDE: http://myshop.myshopify.com/products/myproduct?variant=0123456&token=ABCDE

How do I add the token to a URL I built myself?

You can add the token to URLs you build manually.
Simply use it in a url as follows: 

Where do I find the token?

Edit your promotion and go to the URL tab.
Scroll down, the token is at the bottom of the tab.
Click the clipboard button to the right of the token to copy it.

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