Use the following steps to test if the Liquid changes for Discount Ninja were set up in a copy of your live environment.

Preview the theme

  • In your Shopify admin go to the Online Store section and find Themes
  • Under "More themes" find the backup (it includes Limoni Apps backup in the name) of your live theme
  • To test the setup, configured in this theme click on Actions, then Preview:

Prepare a promotion to test

  • Go to Apps > Discount Ninja
  • Create a promotion using "Create promotion" or edit an existing one
  • Click the Test button

What should I test?

  • Product page: if you have set up a product level discount code you should see the discounted price on the product page; the Test Mode output window should indicate: No issues found
  • Cart page: if you accepted the promotion then you should see the discounted price on the cart page (subtotal) as well as the total discount (below subtotal). Finally, if you have set up a product level discount code, the discounted price should also be shown on the affected cart line item(s).

Everything ok?

  • If you are not entirely happy with the result, do not hesitate to contact us
  • If everything is looking good, please let us know and go ahead and publish the theme.

Publish the theme

If you are happy with the results, you can put them live, by publishing the theme. Simply repeat the steps mentioned above in the section "Preview the theme". But instead of "Preview", click "Publish".

Note before you publish: publishing a theme will make it your Live theme. This means live traffic will now start using this version of your store. Do not publish the theme if you have made changes to the live code while Limoni Apps was working on the backup. If any changes were made to the code (Liquid, css, JavaScript) of your live theme after Limoni Apps made a backup of your theme, then those changes will be lost when you publish.

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